Dr. Thorsten Janning

Management Consultant

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Thorsten Janning is a graduate mathematician and has worked in the IT industry since 1990. His professional career as an architect and project manager led him through consulting and user companies as well as a university professorship into the consulting and training business.  As co-founder (in 2002) he is a partner and was a member of the board of KEGON AG until the end of 2017. His professional activities focus on the development of lean and agile organizations for IT service providers and software houses as well as the implementation of complex architectures in application products. Thorsten is one of the first European SAFe® Program Consultant Trainers (SPCT) and the first German SAFe® Fellow and thus one of the most experienced and distinguished agile consultants in Europe. 

Knowledge and focus

  • Agile organizations
  • Portfolio management
  • Project management
  • Complex architectures

Project Experiences (Selection)

Agile Transformation of a global development organization

  • Management of the Agile change concept of the scaling approach
  • Training and coaching of the internal change agents
  • Coaching at PI Plannings
  • Training and coaching of the internal transformation agents

Management Coaching of the agile portfolio process at an international automotive company supplier

Agile strategy and portfolio process at a medium-sized software company

  • transformation coach
  • KEGON Strategy and Portfolio Process at Program Level

Agile transformation of the overall IT of a bank (development & IT operations)

  • Management of the agile change concept of the customer-specific scaling approach
  • Training and coaching of the internal change agents
  • Training and coaching of the teams
  • Management coaching

Transformation of a strategic software company

Agile transformation of the entire IT of a bank (development & IT operations)

  • Management of the agile change

Development program at an international logistics company

  • Head of the Agile Change Team
  • Overall concept
  • Training
  • Management Coaching
  • Management workshops for planning and agile transformation
  • Inventory of the situation
  • Short introduction of SAFe
  • Development of the future structure of the organization
  • Development of the transformation roadmap and the initial change backlog

Transformation of a Swiss bank Software house into an agile organization

  • Agilization Portfolio management and release management on the basis of SAFe
  • Transformation of the entire development on Scrum and Kanban
  • Overall concept and management coaching

International introduction of SAFe in a software house

  • Project management
  • Training and coaching of the Agile Center
  • Introduction in the US